LEAP 2015

by Michael Weber

On 23 of April 2015 the second Annual Meeting of the Livestock Environmental Assessment and Performance (LEAP) Partnership took place. FAO’s Animal Production and Health Division in collaboration with stakeholders from the private sector, FAO member countries and non-governmental organizations presented the first results of their three-year multi-stakeholder initiative, that has been launched in 2012. After a public review the LEAP guidelines on the feed, the small ruminant and the poultry supply chain have been presented. Further a draft of the guideline on the large ruminant has been introduced is now ready for public review. However, the pig supply guideline chain is still under development. Furthermore two studies regarding (i) indicators, methods as well (ii) principles for the assessment of livestock impacts on biodiversity have been presented. The next step of the project is broadening the scope of current LEAP assessment. A LEAP + project is already under discussion. Next to the improvement of the existing guidelines the scope should also be extended an water use efficiency, socio-economic sustainability as well as nutrient efficiency. 

The final as well as the draft guidelines can be downloaded from the FAO webpage: http://www.fao.org/partnerships/leap/resources/resources/en/